Adamas Jewelry

Award winning designer of Platinum Guild International Design Competition.
Award winning designer of Tahitian Pearl Trophy Competition.
Member of Jewelers Board of Trade.
Member of Contemporary Design Group.
Member of IJO Master Jewelers.
Member of AGTA (American Gem Trade Association).

*From our family to your

My father was a talented and widely respected jeweler. In the old days, in my home country, it was considered a great privilege and honor to apprentice with him. One was more than willing to tolerate the six months or so spent cleaning the shop, polishing and making jump-rings, only to "progress" to spending day after day making simple wedding bands just to be asked to melt them down and start over because they weren't round enough! The great mystery of why he was so hard on us was finally revealed to me the day he said "If you want to be a good jeweler it takes skill and repetition. To be a 'great jeweler' also requires patience, dedication, courage, and a special love for your trade. Having these qualities makes you worthy to work in my shop." Today at Galatea we have more than jewelers, we have an Olympic team of jewelers all of whom share this philosophy and love for our trade. We create each piece as if to be worn by our own beloved.


Take thousands of hours to gain an ounce of trust
Sell one's soul not to the dust of gold
Dignity overcomes greed
Dignity sets one's spirit roaming free,
Catch oneself not in the shadow of an eclipse
An eclipse momentarily comes and goes
But dignity shall remain.

Chi Galatea Huynh


Toss a pebble into pond
Watch the ring of water caressing the shore
I am a child
Each day Mother Earth
Secretly reveals a new word.


“The invisible String of Unity “ 1997 48x48 in.
Painting by Chi Galatea Huynh

My inspiration comes from nature. I toss a pebble into a pond and watch the ripples gently and pleasantly hypnotize me for hours. I pick up a shell and watch the spiral design travel into my eyes. I watch a child hold a flower innocently in her hands as she watches a butterfly dance in the garden. At these moments nature shares and reveals to us the secret of natural beauty. To me, art is like music, the musician understands key, melody, composition, etc. This enables him to create music rather than noise. Likewise, I have come to understand line, light, shape, color, texture, and the mystic harmony of their relationship in creating music for the eyes. I believe natural beauty is not just based on culture, intellect, or the conditions of life alone. Universal beauty does exist and you can find it in your smile.

Each design is hand sketched, sculpted, detailed and finished to the highest standard of an old world Artisan, combined with new inventive techniques developed at Galatea.

We formulate our metal to ensure its purity. All jewelry designs are available in 14 karat yellow or white gold .  18 karat and Platinum are available for The Yes Collection only.

See the leaves on the vines
Seasons changes like life
What is truth and pure
Will endure the test of time.
Galatea carefully chooses is authorized retailers, based in part on their location and clientele. We expect our authorized retailers to use their best efforts to preserve and enhance the image of our originality, artistry and the good will associated with our name and philosophy. “GALATEA” was a statue that came to life, which arrived from Greek Mythology.  As an artist, I want my work to come to life.

Patent #7062940
All Diamond in a Pearl designs come with a certificate to ensure its craftsmanship and authenticity and packaged in a cherry wood jewelry box.

”The measure of Man is not his wealth or intelligence, it’s how fast he responds to the needs of others.”